Ecole Feng Shui du Sud-Ouest – Formations, Expertises – Toulouse, Mazamet, Albi, Castres

Joëlle DEGRYSE – COQUILLE BONHEUR – 09 86 35 62 23


There are several ways to be introduced to Feng Shui. From the more straightforward courses to the more demanding, you can choose the level of training that matches your expectations:

* Introduction courses are open to everyone who would like to learn the basic principles. In 2 days, you will be able to put into practice what you have learnt around your home or at your office.

Holiday courses leave you more time to understand the theory and give you more examples of Feng Shui applications. In 5 days, you are also introduced to complementary skills such as geobiology (how the Earth influences our health) or the Feng Shui in the garden.

* Complete introduction training are reserved to people who want to go further in their understanding of Feng Shui. In eight one-day sessions or four two-day sessions, you actually put the different courses in to practice.

* Advanced training course follows on from the complete introduction training. Completing this course will lead you to be a certified practitioner.